(26) - I've run out of places ...

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Dolly Mamas - I've Run out of places to hide/store my craft supplies.

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Dolly Mamas - I've Run out of places to hide/store my craft supplies. 

Our Exclusive Sustainable Metal Cards come in various options for maximum retail exposure all, which can be personalised with your business details.


(Option 1) As a Postcard:

Postcards are produced with your selected choice of design from our stock images or alternatively with a desired design or artist of your choice. This is produced on the front of the cards. On the reverse, the design is very much like any conventional postcard, a credit to the artist is discreetly positioned and your business name is also visible, If you have a desired format, style or layout preferred than our standard layout please get in touch to provide the details for creation.  

 Our postcards are made of materials that last forever, as flexible as paper, sustainable, paperless, the corners don’t bend, it doesn’t get wet, discolour or tear, preserving an everlasting memory that can be sent anywhere in the world.


(Option 2 ) As Gift Card:

Like our Postcards, select your design of choice or provide a preferred design for creation, gift cards are produced with your selected design of choice on the front of the card and on the reverse the card we feature the words gift card at the top centre and your business details at the bottom centre allowing consumers to write gift messages throughout the middle of the card.  


(Option 3 ) As a Gift Card with Pre-Drilled Hole(s):

You can select to have your gift cards drilled with pre-positioned holes in both the left and right corners for attaching ribbon and hanging string, this is an ideal way to display for retail or for consumers to purchase and display. Again select the design of choice and we will drill the holes so you can attach your ribbon for display.


(Option 4 ) Gift Card with Magnet:

Should you wish to offer your cards with a magnet option for attaching to metal surfaces, cards are produced with the design of your choice on one side, we add the gift card detail and your business details to the reverse and then strategically place the magnet strip on to the reverse of the card.

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